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Introduction to Data Science | QuantInsti

Learn data analytics by working on an interesting project. Predict a winning team for English Premier League. Highly recommended for those who want to gain practical knowledge of data science. Learn all important steps such as Data Remediation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Modelling and Communicating Results.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Trading

A free course to get you started in using Machine Learning for trading. Understand how different machine learning algorithms are implemented on financial markets data. Go through and understand different research studies in this domain. Get a thorough overview of this niche field.

Python For Trading

An essential course for quants and finance-technology enthusiasts. Get started in Python programming and learn to use it in financial markets. It covers Python data structures, Python for data analysis, dealing with financial data using Python, generating trading signals among other topics

Python for Trading - Basics

A beginner's course to learn Python and use it to analyze financial data sets. It includes core topics in data structures, expressions, functions and explains various libraries used in financial markets. This is a detailed and comprehensive course to build a strong foundation in Python.

Big-O Data Structures

Big-O Data Structures is our first Python course, and its purpose is to teach complex data storage concepts in a simple step-by-step curriculum. Common data structures like linked lists, binary trees, and hashmaps are common topics in coding interviews. After taking this course, you'll be able to confidently answer those questions in order to land high-paying engineering jobs.

Introduction to Python

Our tutorials are created, curated, and vetted by a community of expert Pythonistas. At Real Python you'll get the trusted resources you need on your path to Python mastery.

General Cooking Courses (ROUXBE)

Dip your toe in or dive deep into our vast members-only library of culinary foundations and technique courses, lessons, and videos. Topics span from knife skills to plant-based principles to dry-heat techniques and can be accessed on your schedule and on any device.

Stanford Center for Health Education

The Stanford Center for Health Education is collaborating with online education provider, GetSmarter, to create a new class of learning experience _ one that is high-touch, intimate, and personalized for the working professional. Join a growing community of global professionals who have already benefited from the opportunity

Free podcasting video course

There's never been a better time to make a podcast: podcasts are soaring in popularity, the tech is easier than ever, and there's still a lot of opportunity for new podcasters. This free online course is everything you need to launch your own podcast and take advantage of this exciting new medium.

Learn Bulma CSS

This tutorial teaches you Bulma CSS through 13 interactive screencasts. In less than an hour you'll have built three websites with the popular CSS framework.

Learn CSS Variables

This tutorial teaches you CSS Variables through eight interactive screencasts. It's value-packed from beginning to end, and is probably the fastest way to get an in-depth understanding of CSS Variables.

Learn Flexbox | Scrimba

This tutorial teaches you CSS Flexbox through 12 interactive screencasts. You'll learn all the key concept in addition to building a responsive navbar and a neat image grid.

Introduction to HTML | Scrimba

Learn HTML5 by building your own website in less than an hour! This 15-part interactive tutorial is the perfect starting point for beginners who're looking for an introduction HTML to web development.

Introduction to CSS | Scrimba

This course contains 20 interactive tutorials and will teach you the basics of CSS in an hour. It's the perfect starting point for aspiring web developers and designers who want an easy way to learn CSS.

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