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Free Art Lessons and Drawing

Learn to draw under the guidance and demonstration of professional instructors. Broaden your horizons with techniques in pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, technical pens with colored inks, and more.

Mastering Git Basics by Tom Preston-Werner

Git is the distributed version control system that's taking the world by storm. The Linux kernel, Ruby on Rails, and now even Erlang/OTP have all chosen it as their VCS of choice. This talk will focus on mastering the handful of commands that comprise 90% of the functionality you will use on a day-to-day basis.

Deep Learning with R in Motion

Deep Learning with R in Motion teaches you to apply deep learning to text and images using the powerful Keras library and its R language interface. This liveVideo course builds your understanding of deep learning up through intuitive explanations and fun, hands-on examples!

.Net Core API Development

NET Core API Development is a practical liveVideo course for developers new to building REST APIs on .NET core. You'll progress from the basics through to advanced concepts like security and custom authentication, then you'll put your new skills into practice by creating your own full-featured API in an interesting real-world example project.

Grokking Deep Learning in Motion

Grokking Deep Learning in Motion is a new liveVideo course that takes you on a journey into the world of deep learning. Rather than just learn how to use a single library or framework, you'll actually discover how to build these algorithms completely from scratch!

Linux in Motion

Linux in Motion is your ticket to the world of professional Linux administration! Linux expert and professional educator David Clinton guides you through a unique learning experience integrating text, video, and interactive exercises.

SEO - QuickSprout

If people can't find you on search engines, they won't find you period. Optimize your websites for Google and start building a monster traffic engine with our resources below.

4. Oner Oncer

I started this YouTube channel 2.5 years ago and created over 300 videos. The question you asked me the most was this. Which one is better? Today, we will look for the answer to this wonderful question together.

Simulation Lab

In this 3ds Max + TyFlow tutorial, we explore a simple procedural workflow of converting a TyActor mesh into cloth, so we can deform the mesh while the actor's animation is still playing.

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