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Machine Learning Recipes with Josh Gordon (Youtube)

Six lines of Python is all it takes to write your first machine learning program! In this episode, we'll briefly introduce what machine learning is and why it's important. Then, we'll follow a recipe for supervised learning (a technique to create a classifier from examples) and code it up.

PyGame with Python 3 Game Development

In this video, we introduce how to make video games with the Python programming language and the PyGame module to make video games. Python makes for a great programming language to use when learning game development because of its simple syntax.

Machine Learning with Python

The objective of this course is to give you a holistic understanding of machine learning, covering theory, application, and inner workings of supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning algorithms.

Intro to Data Science with R

This series is a comprehensive introduction to Data Science using the R programming language. Viewers learn critical skills in Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Feature Engineering, and Machine Learning.

Neural Networks

Additional funding for this project provided by Amplify Partners An equally valuable form of support is to simply share some of the videos.

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Develop the quantitative and managerial skills needed to analyze complex data sets and support data-driven business decisions. This online program provides a practical approach to deploying analytics in the areas of marketing, supply chain management, operations, and risk management.

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