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Natural Language Processing Using Python Certification Training

This online Natural Language Processing course is a complete package of theory and practical sessions where you can apply your learning in real-time exercises. You will learn about Text Processing, Text Classification, Tokenization, Text Mining, Lemmatization, Sentence Structure, Sequence Tagging, and Language Modeling, POS tagging, efficient usage of Python's regular expressions, and Natural Language Toolkit.

Python Certification Training Course

This Python certification training will help you understand the high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language of the decade. In this Python course, you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of Python such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Hadoop streaming, and MapReduce, and you will work with packages such as Scikit and SciPy.

Python for Data Science Training Course

The Data Science with Python course helps you learn Python programming required for Data Science. In this Data Science with Python training, you will master the technique of how Python is deployed for Data Science, working with Pandas library for Data Science, data cleaning, data visualization, Machine Learning, advanced numeric analysis, etc., all through real-world projects and case studies.

R Programming for Data Science Training Course

Intellipaat R course lets you learn R programming language that is deployed for varied purposes like graphic representation, statistical analysis and reporting. With this Data Science certification course for R programming, you will be able to get a clear understanding of the core concepts like importing data in various formats for statistical computing, data manipulation, Business Analytics, Machine Learning algorithms and data visualization.

Business Intelligence Tools

In this course we will work with Tableau, SAP Business Objects Analysis, SAP Business Warehouse (BW), SAP Business Objects Explorer, SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Dashboards, SAP Predictive Analysis, and most significantly SAP HANA.

Intro to Python 3

This Python 3 tutorial provided by migfd is designed for beginners. So if you are new to Python, this is a choice you can't miss. In this courses, exercises and sample code are included to help you gain a better understanding. After mastering this courses, you will have the basis for bigger Python projects.

Clean Architectures in Python

What is a good software architecture? Why should we bother structuring the code and spending time testing it? If you like spending hours debugging your programs or staying late at the office to recover from a buggy deploy in production this book is definitely NOT for you!

Intermediate Python

This book provides a reader with a holistic and in-depth knowledge of the Python language. It explains how methods and functions are related, how sequences can be created elegantly, the tools for functional programming, how user defined objects can be no different from Python objects and how one can control almost everything from import statements to class creation using meta-classes and decorators etc.

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