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Traction: How Startups Start

In this very special episode of Traction, we sit down as a team and discuss the new mission of the firm and talk through B2C and B2B examples of the Everyday Economy. We learn what commonalities exist among founders who are redesigning that economy, and the NextView partners share their perspectives on the next big wave of internet innovation. Plus, we share some news about the future of the show.

Building and Leading Effective Teams from MIT OpenCourseWare

This course is an intensive one-week introduction to leadership, teams, and learning communities. The class meets daily for five days. The class serves as an introduction of concepts and uses a variety of experiential exercises to develop individual and team skills, as well as supportive relationships within the Leaders for Manufacturing class.

Entrepreneurial Finance from MIT OpenCourseWare

Entrepreneurial Finance examines the elements of entrepreneurial finance, focusing on technology-based start-up ventures and the early stages of company development. The course addresses key questions which challenge all entrepreneurs: how much money can and should be raised; when should it be raised and from whom; what is a reasonable valuation of the company; and how should funding, employment contracts and exit decisions be structured.

Argument Diagramming

Potentially useful to a broad range of students, Argument Diagramming provides an introduction to exploring and understanding arguments. This course will explain what the parts of an argument are and how to break arguments into their parts and create diagrams to show how those parts relate to each other.

Bon App_tit Foodcast

The Bon App_tit Foodcast covers it all: the restaurant scene across the country, a peek inside the minds of the world's best chefs, the cooking techniques you should be trying out at home, and a behind-the-scenes look at how our writers and editors do what they do.

Radical Personal Finance

Hi there! My name is Joshua Sheats and I'm here to guide you on your path to financial freedom. I've learned from years of experience as a professional financial advisor what works and what doesn't. I'm here to share with you the proven strategies, tools, and tactics that you need to achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently.

General Cooking Courses (ROUXBE)

Dip your toe in or dive deep into our vast members-only library of culinary foundations and technique courses, lessons, and videos. Topics span from knife skills to plant-based principles to dry-heat techniques and can be accessed on your schedule and on any device.

Stanford Center for Health Education

The Stanford Center for Health Education is collaborating with online education provider, GetSmarter, to create a new class of learning experience _ one that is high-touch, intimate, and personalized for the working professional. Join a growing community of global professionals who have already benefited from the opportunity

The College Investor

Welcome to The College Investor. We're here to help you escape student loan debt so you can start investing and building wealth for the future. Our expert guides, reviews, and more are designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is often the #1 business podcast on all of Apple Podcasts. It is the first business/interview podcast to pass 100,000,000 downloads, it has been selected as �Best of� Apple Podcasts for three years running, and readers of Fortune Magazine�s Term Sheet recently selected The Tim Ferriss Show as their top business podcast.

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