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Reinforcement Learning in Motion

Reinforcement Learning in Motion introduces you to the exciting world of machine systems that learn from their environments. In this course, he'll break down key concepts like how RL systems learn, how to sense and process environmental data, and how to build and train AI agents.

Understanding Machine Learning with Python

Use your data to predict future events with the help of machine learning. This course will walk you through creating a machine learning prediction solution and will introduce Python, the scikit-learn library, and the Jupyter Notebook environment.

Data Science with R

Data science is becoming more and more valuable to the workplace and to the global economy. Learn how to use the practice of data science and the programming language R to transform your data into actionable insight.

Learn Python | Pluralsight

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability. It's a dynamically typed and garbage-collected language that supports structured, object-oriented, and functional programming.

Business Analytics Foundation With R Tools Tutorial

This is a tutorial about Business Analytics Foundation With R Tools offered by Simplilearn. The tutorial is part of the Data Science with R Language Certification Training course and will help understand the basics of data science and business analytics with types and learn its importance.

Deep Learning Tutorial

This is the introductory lesson of the Deep Learning tutorial, which is part of the Deep Learning Certification Course (with TensorFlow). In this lesson, we will be introduced to Deep Learning, its purpose, and the learning outcomes ofthe tutorial.

Python for Beginners 2017

The zesty Mark Lasoff will cover everything the Python beginner wants to know about Python. Watch, learn and do Python like the third of a million people who have benefited from this prolific expert!

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