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JavaScript Tutorial | CodeRepublics

JavaScript is an object-oriented language, i.e., it supports all object-oriented concepts like c++ or java. However, JavaScript is not related to the Java language in any way. So in this JS tutorial, we will cover all the basics and some advanced topics of JavaScript.

Try ASP.NET Core

In this course, ASP.NET Core Fundamentals, you will build your first application with ASP.NET Core from scratch. First, you will learn how to work with a database to display and edit data. Then, you will explore middleware, view components, and database migrations with the Entity Framework. Finally, you will delve into building an API controller, and see how to work with client-side libraries.

Learn Git

If you already have some experience with Git, then this is the training that will make you an expert. From a deep look at the fundamental commands, to the design of a distributed workflow, this training gives you a full overview of the Git toolset.


Are you a .NET developer looking at developing applications in the cloud? This path is for developers and architects who need to come up to speed quickly on Microsoft Azure.

Learn PHP

PHP is the most widely used server language on the web. This course will help you get started with the language in no time. We will cover installing a web server, PHP, and the MySQL database server. Then we will process form data and later store everything in a MySQL database.

C Introduction | Codesdope

C is one of the most widely used computer programming languages. The reason C is so popular is because it is reliable, simple and easy to use. This is why despite the fact that so many new languages have come up, C continues to be the most widely used.

Introduction to Data Structures

Data Structures and Algorithms (or DSA) is the most important course of any Computer Science program. In this course, we will deal with different data structures, their applications, running times, etc.

C++ Introduction

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. It is based on C but is an object-oriented programming language. It is widely used in graphics libraries, games, network devices, etc.

Ruby Introduction

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose, open-source programming language. It is a very simple, friendly and easy to use programming language. Its creator, Yukihiro �Matz� Matsumoto has often said that he is �trying to make Ruby natural, not simple,� in a way that mirrors life.

Coding Blocks

We are a few guys who've been professional programmers for years. As avid listeners of podcasts and consumers of many things code-related, we were frustrated by the lack of quality programming (pun) available in listenable formats. Given our years of experience and real-world problem solving skills, we thought it might be worth getting into this world of podcasting and �giving back� a shot.

C Programming Tutorials

These tutorials include a series of well-written and tested tutorials for the C Programming language. It starts with the very basics explanations and will take you to the deeper levels of the programming concepts including data types, loops, functions, pointers, arrays, header files, file operations, IO operations, strings, console IO, etc.

Data Structures Tutorial

Data Structures and Algorithms play a major role in our programming world. Series of data structure topics like linked list, stack, queues, trees, graphs, etc. We have used very simple language and examples to help you better understand the problem.

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