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Hands-on Scala Programming

Hands-on Scala teaches you how to use the Scala programming language in a practical, project-based fashion. This book is designed to quickly teach an existing programmer everything needed to go from "hello world" to building production applications like interactive websites, parallel web crawlers, and distributed systems in Scala.

Inside Intercom

The business world is finally starting to understand AI's true potential: not a magical solution to all our problems, but a useful complement to our existing strategies. MadKudu co-founder Francis Brero chats to Dee Reddy to explain.

User Interface Design

The visual part of a computer application or operating system through which a client interacts with a computer or software. It determines how commands are given to the computer or the program and how data is displayed on the screen.

Getting Started with Linux

This tutorial covers getting started with the terminal, the Linux command line, and executing commands. If you are new to Linux, you will want to familiarize yourself with the terminal, as it is the standard way to interact with a Linux server.

Ramsey Plus

Almost 6 million people have discovered the right way to manage money. We've made it easy with great courses like Financial Peace University. You'll learn the timeless principles of paying off debt, saving for emergencies, and investing in your future.

C Tutorial | Alpha Coding Skills

This tutorial is intended for students or professionals interested in studying basic and advanced concepts of C. This tutorial covers all topics of C which includes data types, operators, arrays, control statements, type casting, pointers, functions, recursion, strings, structures, preprocessors & File handling.

C# - Tutorial | Alpha Coding Skills

This tutorial covers all topics of C# which includes data types, operators, arrays, strings, control statements, pointers, classes, object-oriented programming, constructor, destructor, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, namespace, exception handling & File IO. We believe in learning by examples therefore each and every topic is explained with lots of examples that make you learn C# lamguage in a very easy way.

Anaconda Training

Get help with your data science projects by viewing Anaconda's documentation, make pull requests, or review questions and answers from our community of experts.

Web Design Tutorial: Getting Started with Wireframes

Following up on my tutorial 5 steps for a successful website design that walks you through 5 essential steps of a _website_ design_ process to boost your productivity. I will thoroughly go into detail with the 3rd step: wireframes. This guide will cover what you need to know about wireframes, why and how you should use them in your workflow.

JavaScript Tutorial | CodeRepublics

JavaScript is an object-oriented language, i.e., it supports all object-oriented concepts like c++ or java. However, JavaScript is not related to the Java language in any way. So in this JS tutorial, we will cover all the basics and some advanced topics of JavaScript.


Are you a .NET developer looking at developing applications in the cloud? This path is for developers and architects who need to come up to speed quickly on Microsoft Azure.

Python Introduction

Python is a widely used high-level dynamic programming language. It is a very simple, friendly and easy to learn programming language. It is the best choice for a beginner programmer. Python source code is also available under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Data Structures Tutorial

Data Structures and Algorithms play a major role in our programming world. Series of data structure topics like linked list, stack, queues, trees, graphs, etc. We have used very simple language and examples to help you better understand the problem.

C++ Tutorial | Cosmic Learn

C++ programs can be developed via an IDE like Microsoft Visual Studio IDE or NetBeans for C/C++. However for beginners it is recommended to start programming via a text editor like vi so that you can get a firm grasp of the concepts of the language. We have started this training module with a hello world program as displayed above.

GO Tutorial

Go language supports Garbage collection and Type safety. We can build go program using go build command. It will generate an executable file, which can then be run. For instance let us say we kept the above program in a file called cosmiclearn.go, we can build and run using the following commands. Don't fret, this is just an introduction. In the next chapter, we will look into how to install Go and setup your environment.