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When you have control of your finances, instead of the other way around, you'll find that there is so much more to experience in life than the debt and paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Coding Starter Kit

From answering the most basic programming questions to helping you figure out which language you should start with and free tutorials, the Coding Starter Kit is your one stop shop to learn programming.

Learn Git

If you already have some experience with Git, then this is the training that will make you an expert. From a deep look at the fundamental commands, to the design of a distributed workflow, this training gives you a full overview of the Git toolset.

Learn PHP

PHP is the most widely used server language on the web. This course will help you get started with the language in no time. We will cover installing a web server, PHP, and the MySQL database server. Then we will process form data and later store everything in a MySQL database.

Ruby Introduction

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose, open-source programming language. It is a very simple, friendly and easy to use programming language. Its creator, Yukihiro �Matz� Matsumoto has often said that he is �trying to make Ruby natural, not simple,� in a way that mirrors life.

Introduction to TypeScript

In this introductory lesson on Typescript we provide a quick overview of what Typescript is, why you should learn this powerful language, the difficulty of learning Typescript and some prerequisites for this tutorial course.

Docker Tutorial

Docker is a Container Engine. A Container Engine sits on top of Operating System and Hardware. A Container Engine allows us to run Guest Applications on top of the Operating System. All Containers will share the Operating System resources.

R Tutorial

Welcome to R Tutorial! R is an open source statistical language used for Data Science. R provides inbuilt functions like mean, median etc and data structures like Array, Matrix and Data Frame to help with statistics.

Getting Started with Linux

This tutorial covers getting started with the terminal, the Linux command line, and executing commands. If you are new to Linux, you will want to familiarize yourself with the terminal, as it is the standard way to interact with a Linux server.

Scaling Django

Django is a Python-based platform for building modern web apps. As with any platform, issues can arise with your need to scale and expand your user base. In this tutorial series, we will go over several strategies and best practices for scaling your Django app in a reliable, stable way.

Fullstack Vue

The Fullstack Vue book is the complete guide to Vue.js. With dozens of code examples showing every step, you will master this delightful framework

R Tutorial for Beginners

This is a complete course on R for beginners and covers basics to advance topics like machine learning algorithm, linear regression, time series, statistical inference etc.

Hands-on Scala Programming

Hands-on Scala teaches you how to use the Scala programming language in a practical, project-based fashion. This book is designed to quickly teach an existing programmer everything needed to go from "hello world" to building production applications like interactive websites, parallel web crawlers, and distributed systems in Scala.