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I did some testing on the best tiles size for rendering with cycles in blender 2.8. I thought I would share my findings to help others to optimize their renders.

Android Development series by Derek Banas

We'll look at how to install it on Windows and Mac OSX. Then well configure everything properly to make sure we handle the potential errors. We set up gitHub and go over how to push to remote repositories. We then look at Gradle, the interface and much more.

Python for Data Science

In this python for data science video you will learn end to end on data science with python. So this python data science tutorial will help you learn various python concepts and machine learning algorithms to get you started in this technology.

Kubernetes Full Course | Simplilearn

Through this video by Simplilearn learn Kubernetes full course in detail. The video will walk you through the introduction of Kubernetes and the basic steps to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu, and an understanding of Kubernetes architecture in detail. The video also consists of many hands-on demos using Kubernetes.

Data Science Full Course | Intellipaat

in this data science course video you will learn complete data science starting from what is data science to various data science concepts, data science projects and data science interview questions & answers. This is an end to end data science full course.

Machine Learning From Scratch | Intellipaat

This machine learning tutorial covers what is machine learning, machine learning algorithms like linear regression, binary classification, decision tree, random forest and unsupervised algorithm like k means clustering in detail with complete hands on demo. There is machine learning complete project and machine learning interview questions as well in this machine learning full course video to prepare you for the job interview.

ReactJS Crash Course | Simplilearn

React is a JavaScript library for building fast and interactive user interfaces for the web as well as mobile applications. It is an open-source, reusable component-based front-end library. The entire working of a React application hinges around three fundamental concepts called components, props and state.