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Docker Full Course - Learn Docker In 2 Hours | Simplilearn

This simplilearn's Docker full course video, we will be covering all the important concepts related to the Docker Images, Docker Containers, Docker registry, Docker swarm and Docker compose. The video also consists of most important Docker Interview Questions from advanced to beginner level. After watching the video, any individual will get a clear understanding of how the tool Docker works.

C# Intermediate Course Witscad

This C# course is designed for those who have some basic knowledge about C# language and want to learn more about doing the object-oriented programming in C#. This course focuses on different aspects of object-oriented programming in C# like classes, objects, structures, overloading, inheritance, interfaces and other concepts like file and exception handling.

Intermediate Python

This book provides a reader with a holistic and in-depth knowledge of the Python language. It explains how methods and functions are related, how sequences can be created elegantly, the tools for functional programming, how user defined objects can be no different from Python objects and how one can control almost everything from import statements to class creation using meta-classes and decorators etc.