More difficult than the intermediate level. Should have a solid understanding of the fundamental technology.

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Analysis of Algorithms - Stony Brook University

Below are audio, video and lecture sides for 1997 and 2007. Since the lectures are 10 years apart some of the topics covered by the course have changed. The 1997 lectures have a better quality video and audio than the 2007, although the 2007 covers the newer material and has better lecture notes.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Halo BI CEO Ray Major talks about advanced business analytics within the business intelligence space. Along with TeamCain President Michael Guerin, Ray discusses the differences in analytic technologies, and the important distinction between visualizing data and understanding data.

Jenkins Full Course | Simplilearn

This video on Jenkins tutorial will help you understand the most popular continuous integration tool used in the DevOps methodology. You will learn the basics of DevOps in a short animated video, followed by an introduction to DevOps. You will understand how to install Jenkins on windows and get an idea about what is Jenkins. Then, you will learn about Jenkins tutorial and Jenkins pipeline with a hands-on demo to create and schedule builds. Finally, you will look at some of the important Jenkins questions you might face in a DevOps interview.

Mastering Adobe XD (Youtube)

Welcome to Adobe XD! If you're brand new to the application or simply need a refresher, this series will get you going. You'll learn how to craft your first designs, wire up prototypes, and share your projects with clients and stakeholders. I'll also dive deep into features that will change the way you tackle screen design _ like repeat grids, responsive resize, auto-animate, and much more.

Adobe XD Prototyping

In Today's Adobe XD tip, we're going to take a look at creating fun and styled page indicators that you can use within your onboarding experiences. This technique uses basic shapes, masks, and Auto-Animate.

Advanced Data Structures

MIT 6.851 Advanced Data Structures, Spring 2012 "Persistence" - remembering all past versions of a data structure ("partial persistence"), being able to modify them - forking off new ones ("full persistence"), and merging different versions into one ("confluent persistence").