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Jenkins Full Course | Simplilearn

This video on Jenkins tutorial will help you understand the most popular continuous integration tool used in the DevOps methodology. You will learn the basics of DevOps in a short animated video, followed by an introduction to DevOps. You will understand how to install Jenkins on windows and get an idea about what is Jenkins. Then, you will learn about Jenkins tutorial and Jenkins pipeline with a hands-on demo to create and schedule builds. Finally, you will look at some of the important Jenkins questions you might face in a DevOps interview.

.NET Core 3.1 MVC REST API Course

In this full course, we show you how to build a full REST API using .NET Core 3.1. We'll employ MVC, REST, the Repository Pattern, Dependency Injection, Entity Framework, Data Transfer Objects, (DTOs), AutoMapper to provide 6 API endpoints that will allow you to Create, Read Update and Delete resources.

Deep Learning With Python

This video on Deep Learning with Python will help you understand what is deep learning, applications of deep learning, what is a neural network, biological versus artificial neural networks, introduction to TensorFlow, activation function, cost function, how neural networks work, and what gradient descent is. Deep learning is a technology that is used to achieve machine learning through neural networks. We will also look into how neural networks can help achieve the capability of a machine to mimic human behavior. We'll also implement a neural network manually.

MEAN Stack Tutorial | Intellipaat

In this MEAN Stack tutorial you will learn how to build a MEAN application from scratch. You will also learn what is MEAN Stack, advantages & disadvantages of MEAN Stack, what is node js, npm, express js, mongo db, angular & it's components with detailed hands on demo.

Kafka Spark Streaming | Intellipaat (Youtube)

In this kafka spark streaming tutorial you will learn what is apache kafka, architecture of apache kafka & how to setup a kafka cluster, what is spark & it's features, components of spark and hands on demo on integrating spark streaming with apache kafka and integrating spark flume with apache kafka.

Kafka Tutorial | Intellipaat

In this kafka tutorial you will learn what is apache kafka, architecture of apache kafka, kafka topics & partitions, publisher/subscriber workflow, various cli tools in kafka, how to configure a single node and how to configure multi node cluster setup.