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5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

If you want to become a part time or full time highly paid copywriter, does it require a journalism degree? Does it require fluent English? Or does it require straight A's from school? None of that matters to become a successful copywriter. So if you want to get a headstart in copywriting, watch this video, as Dan breaks down the 5 copywriting tips for beginners.

Beginners Guide to PM Methodologies

This crash course for project management methods contains Bite-sized explanations of each methodology and framework Tips on identifying which one is right for you The pros and cons of each approach to help you weigh your options Links to additional online resources for further reading

Penn State World Campus

Customize your courses to tailor your certificate to your personal career goals. This AACSB_accredited program uses problem-based learning to provide a strong foundation in project management and take students one step closer to PMP certification.