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Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster

Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster. By measuring and analyzing as you grow, you can validate whether a problem is real, find the right customers, and decide what to build, how to monetize it, and how to spread the word. Focusing on the One Metric That Matters to your business right now gives you the focus you need to move ahead--and the discipline to know when to change course.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence

Halo BI CEO Ray Major talks about advanced business analytics within the business intelligence space. Along with TeamCain President Michael Guerin, Ray discusses the differences in analytic technologies, and the important distinction between visualizing data and understanding data.

Udemy Data Analysis Courses (Udemy)

Increasingly, companies value data analysis as a way to stay ahead. This has lead to a huge demand for qualified data analysts. Whether you're interested in subjects like R, Python, or Excel and SQL, Udemy has a course to prepare you for your future.

Business Analytics Foundation With R Tools Tutorial

This is a tutorial about Business Analytics Foundation With R Tools offered by Simplilearn. The tutorial is part of the Data Science with R Language Certification Training course and will help understand the basics of data science and business analytics with types and learn its importance.