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How to Use Git and GitHub (Udacity)

This course covers the essentials of using the version control system Git. You'll be able to create a new Git repo, commit changes, and review the commit history of an existing repo. You'll also learn how to keep your commits organized using tags and branches and you'll master the art of merging changes by crushing those pesky merge conflicts. Oh no! Was a mistake made along the way? Learn how to edit commits, revert changes, or even delete commits.

Write yourself a Git!

This article is an attempt at explaining the Git version control system from the bottom up, that is, starting at the most fundamental level moving up from there. This does not sound too easy, and has been attempted multiple times with questionable success. But there's an easy way: all it takes to understand Git internals is to reimplement Git from scratch.

Learn Git in 20 Minutes

In this episode, we'll get acquainted with a quick intro to the basics of using Git with local and remote repositories. In this video you learn how to initialize repositories, track files, stage changes, branch and merge, handle merge conflicts, stash changes, pull from and commit to remote repositories like GitHub.

Learning GitHub

This is the first video in the series on learning how to use GitHub. It covers just the basics that you need to get setup and started using GitHub to manage and backup your projects.

Git for Beginners | Travels Code

This video is a very beginning of course - Git for beginners. In this tutorial, we will cover the first steps with the Version Control System (VCS) Git. What you should know to use it in your everyday work.

Git & GitHub Tutorial for Beginners

Howdy gang. In this Git tutorial I'll explain why we should be using git for all of our projects - and the benefits of doing so. We can also use GitHub to host our repositories online, which is especially good for collaborating with other developers!

How Git Works

This course is for developers and system administrators who want to really understand Git. Whether you just started using Git, or you've been using it every day for months - this course will give you the knowledge you need to become a Git master.

Git Real

Learn basic concepts of Git version control. Explore staging, cloning, branching, and collaborating with Git.